Adventure Baby Shower

Adventure baby shower  - popular and beautiful invitations.

The adventure theme has the wild outdoors and traveling as main sub themes. Many of the popular themes are represented as well. These include greenery, flowers, woodland, wild animals and rustic themes.

Celebrating an Adventure Baby Shower in an Alternative Way

Do you want to host an adventure baby shower but need alternative invite wording?

Here is an example of an invitation where I have taken the usual invitation and changed the wording for an alternative baby shower.

You can change the wording of most invitations. Just substitute the wording that is currently there for the new wording.

Adventure Party Ideas

Travel and Adventure

There are  number of fun element ideas that you can include in your invitation and you can use these at your shower too.

First there are the different ways of traveling - hot air balloons, airplanes / aeroplanes. You can use modern versions but vintage is a great idea. Then there are the travel planning equipment which includes travel maps,earth globes and a compass. Then there are the stuff you travel with like bags and passports. Lastly there are the postcards to tell about your travel adventure.

Here is a list of ideas:

More Ideas:

Travel and Adventure Baby

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Wild Outdoors and Adventure

For the wild outdoors or camping sub theme you have mountains, forests and trees. There are the wild animals and also the smaller woodland creatures like foxes, squirrels, birds and rabbits/bunnies. There are also the camping equipment that you can use as elements like tents.

Here is a list of ideas:

  • mountains
  • snow capped mountains
  • trees and forests
  • greenery
  • branches and leaves
  • woodland animals
  • bears
  • buffalo plaid
  • birds
  • wood slices
  • antlers
  • camping tents

More Ideas:

Wild Outdoors and Adventure

These lists are there to help and get you started. There are many more ideas that you can use.

Blanket and Decoration

This lovely blanket can be used as a gift for the new mommy. It can also double up as decoration at the baby shower as a backdrop or table cover.

Adventure Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Old Suitcase with Cards

Paper Airplanes

Paper Hot Air Balloon

Follow the link to the for a free printable pattern of the paper hot air balloon in the video. You can print the pattern on colored paper and cut out - just like in the video but with colored paper of your choice. You can also use the pattern by cutting it out and putting it on patterned paper and cutting out.

Adventure Baby Shower Invitations

Here are my adventure baby shower selection and followed by a color scheme of eight colors to choose for planning your baby shower decoration.

Most of these designs are available in other colors too. Some are gender neutral and others are available for baby girls and baby boys. Select the design you like and on the landing page you will find the words "Design Theme" and you'll see the different color options.

Alternatively you can visit the designer/store's product page to possibly see the same design in different colors. On this page - select the second link below the design that you like to go to the designers store.

Type a word like say "forest" or "tribal" whichever is in the original description in the search box to find the designs you're looking for.

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