Cat Doodle Drawing Pages from my Sketchbook


 This is a cat doodle drawing with a butterfly on his head. All in a tulip garden with a few bees on the job ❤ 

I think this is going to be a big ginger cat. He has a big butterfly on his head and he is quite happy about it ❤ 

Another cat doodle drawing with a butterfly


A cat named Gina with her new butterfly friend enjoying the spring in the crocus garden ❤


A cat with a butterfly on his tail sitting in the crocus garden ❤


This is Big Tom the ginger cat with a Fred frog and mushrooms on a cloudy day, long before the storm ❤ 

- eA cat doodle drawing with a frog, mushrooms and clouds ❤ 


Double trouble ❤  never ❤  just watching ❤  we hope

A doodle drawing of two cats watching the butterflies on the washing line


And here is the full drawing in black and white above ❤


This is a ❤ backyard celebration with cats, birds, butterflies and a bunting banner ❤


Mike and Millie with their feathered friends in the backyard ❤


A doodle drawing of three big fluff tail cats in the garden with butterflies ❤


Fluff Tail, Muffin and Moomoo happy in the garden with all the lovely flowers and butterflies ❤


Tom is busy watching something as always - today it's birds and butterflies ❤

A doodle drawing of a cat, birds, butterflies and potted flower plants ❤


Another Busy Day - Jack the busy cat is watching the bird and the dish towels playing in the breeze ❤

A doodle drawing of a cat, a bird and a washing line ❤

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