Clothesline Baby Shower
Decoration Ideas

Using a clothesline as baby shower decoration is always an decoration option to consider. It can fit in with any theme or color scheme.


Clothesline Baby Shower
Printable Options

There are a number of printable cutouts in my StarFlowerStreetDA store that you can use as Wishes for Baby and as clothesline decoration.

All you need is a ribbon or string, the cutouts and pins or pegs.

Ask your guests to write baby wishes on the cutouts.

One idea is to use it as decoration by hanging the cutouts on a line with clothing pegs before and/or after they have written their messages.

Blank Cutouts

The blank clothing cutouts have space where you or your guests can write on.

These blank ones can be used for writing advice for the new mommy or parents and the others have prompts for baby wishes.

The blank clothes cutouts can also be used for decoration.

How do you Decide what to Use?

You can choose the baby clothing cutouts by color or theme. There are also different sizes available.

Printing and Cutting Out

The cutouts prints on normal size paper. Print on heavy/thick paper or card stock for best results.

Most clothesline baby shower cutouts prints:

  • one on a normal letter size page, or
  • two on a normal letter size page.

Cutting out the baby clothing is surprisingly easy. The instructions included as a downloadable file gives you direction to get a easy and pretty result.

Link to all the Clothesline Baby Shower Printables at StarFlowerStreetDA

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