Envelope Ideas

Envelope ideas  - there are so many exciting ideas for make envelopes for your junk journals or any other use like storage or greeting cards.

Some envelope ideas are simple fold over ideas that are ideal for your journal - super easy. Other ideas for envelopes are closed on all sides and a little more complicated.

Envelope Ideas to make - junk journal or any other use.

Envelopes - Flip Down

These envelopes are so simple and doable. It's one of those "just do it" kind of things. Do it with white typing paper and decorate later. Just do it to see where to make the folds to get a good sample template envelope that you can copy later.

You can make these any time. You can make a whole heap before you need them. In that way you can pick and choose from your collection when you do need them. Don't be surprised if you find all kinds of other uses for them.

This method of making envelopes is so versatile. You can make

  • any size, big and small,
  • shapes - long, wide and square,
  • with normal paper or thicker paper
  • plain or patterned.

The flap can be made with paper folds and as Natasha explains it adds dimension. When working with thicker paper you may want to choose to cut and not fold the flap.

Treasure Books - DIY Ephemera for Junk Journals - Flip Down Envelopes

Envelope Folding Idea

This video shows you how to add thin tissue type paper to paper. Valerie is using a this layer of paper napkin / serviette with french print on. She says the result is a sturdy leather-like feeling.

The folding of the envelope from a page is what you need to see.

The folding of the actual envelope starts at 6:20 in the video. Simple and easy, just like that.

Really simple:

  • no major measuring
  • 4 folds - fold over left and right to meet somewhere in the middle - fold top for flap - fold bottom to glue
  • remove excess pieces
  • glue - she uses Aleene's tacky glue - loves the stuff
  • cut the corners of the flap - uses round corner punch - but you can cut it too.

You can of course use this technique with other size papers too.

GingersEclecticLife - Making decoupage envelopes from old book pages.

Fast and Easy Envelope Ideas

Quick overview of a number of ideas and varieties of envelopes.

Here is a list that Susan is demonstrating. Use it as a reminder of options when you want to build your collection for using later:

  1. envelope punch board
  2. rectangle fold over - plain and simple
  3. rectangle fold over - with a folded flap (or cut)
  4. tip you can use other materials like fabric attached or sewn to paper
  5. scrapbook paper folded with or without a tie (at 2:25 in the video) - makes long envelope
  6. envelopes made out of fabric

Susan Taylor Brown - How to Make Ephemera for Junk Journals - Fast and Easy Envelopes

Mini Envelope Templates - Free Download

You can use envelope templates on any paper. By any paper I mean plain white paper, scrapbook paper or any pattern paper. You can decorate your envelopes with your own pattern design before or after you make your envelopes.

Here is the freebie for the Mini Envelope Templates.