Faux Postage Stamps

Faux Postage Stamps - printable or make them and use them everywhere and anywhere.

Yes you can make them and if you don't want to make them, you can get some that are printable.

They are easy to make, fun to make and you can use your scraps.

Faux postage stamps

Faux Postage Stamps - Vintage

Faux postage stamps are those stamps that we want to use in our junk journal - it's not the real thing at all.

It's fun to make from a few bits and pieces and you can use it anywhere as an interesting addition to your pieces.

To stay on the creative side I want to encourage you to learn from the other creators and do your own thing - make sure you have fun making. I have fun making printable faux stamps.

You really don't need anything to make faux stamps. But what about the pinking shears or zigzag scissors? There are other ways to cover that. What about the rubber stamps? Just use what you have. Use stamps and black ink with numbers, and text circles and blocks, or what you have.

You really don't have to work perfectly - let it look handmade because it is handmade.

Here is are a few inspirational videos about making faux stamps for your junk journal or any other use.

Faux Postage - Watercolor

Using watercolor paint and stamping is another way of making stamps. This is another way you can add to your art journal or mixing your art in.

Niamh Baly - Inspired by Nick Bantock - creating Faux Postage and seals

Making Stamps using Transparent Layers

This is also a lovely way to use transparent paper like paper napkins.

Gayle Agostinelli - Napkin Postage Stamps

So Many Ideas

There are so many ideas to make faux stamps. Just use what you have in your stash. The best is that you can use your scraps too.

You can use papers of course, but you can also use stickers, decoupage paper, dried leaves and flower, washi tape, magazine clippings and the list just goes on.

You can do it perfectly but like I said before have fun and be creative. You really don't have to do it perfectly.

Maremi SmallArt - 10 Ideas for Faux Vintage Postage Stamps DIY

You can make the faux postage stamps perfect but like I said before have fun and be creative. You really don't have to do it perfectly.

Making Perfect Perforations

Here is a way to make postage stamp perforations that are exactly like real stamps or very close. Not for everybody I guess but very interesting.