Floral Baby Shower Invitations

Floral baby shower invitations - popular themes and beautiful designs.

It's all about flowers, but all the popular themes are represented as well. These include greenery, elephants, butterflies, gold glitter, adorable animals and succulents.

Most of these designs are available in other colors too. Some are gender neutral and others are available for baby girls and baby boys. Select the design you like and on the landing page you will find the words "Design Theme" and you'll see the different color options.

Alternatively you can visit the designer/store's product page to possibly see the same design in different colors. On this page - select the second link below the design that you like to go to the designers store.

Type a word like say "greenery" or "animals" whichever is in the original description in the search box to find the designs you're looking for.

Floral Baby Shower Celebration in an Alternative Way !

Alternative ways to celebrate the new family - mommy, daddy and baby:

  • drive through
  • drive by baby showers
  • shower by mail
  • virtual baby shower

Here is a unique drive through girl baby shower invitation featuring elegant watercolor pink roses & greenery and a chic vintage car.

  • Beep
  • Honk
  • Shout and Wave!

Flower Inspiration

More flower decoration inspiration

Stylish Tip
Use only two colors - green and another color. It looks stylish. White is almost always a great idea.

You don't have to buy expensive vases or containers. Use what you have, even old votive candle holders - put them in the freezer and empty out.

Flower Decoration Inspiration

Need some flower decoration inspiration? Here is a flower wreath or hoop instructional tutorial that shows you some ideas and how tos. The steps and techniques putting the hoop together can just as well be applied to many other forms of decoration.


  • Metal Hoop - 12" in the video
  • Snips/cutter
  • 24" Gauge wire
  • Flexible Floral Tape
  • Flowers & Greenery

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