Free To Do List

Pink Polka Dots!

The pattern on this free to do list is taken from my Perfect Polka Dot Scrapbook Paper. I used the hot pink with lighter dots from the pack.

There are three lists on one sheet and they are perfectly sized to be the same size once cut. There is a

feint dotted line between the lists so that you can cut them to size.

You can also fold the sheet of paper in 3 on the dotted lines and have an accordion style book version
with three lists.

There is also a third way to use the lists. You can print on both sides of your sheet of paper. Then make the two folds to make the accordion style book with lists on both sides.


Print the file to fill the full page. The file is designed to use the full A4 or letter sized page. Three lists print. Cut the page in three (two cuts). You should have three lists of equal size, but you have to...

You have to print the file to 100% of the file size. It is important that you make sure to print to actual size without extra borders that the printer may add to a printout. Set the printer to print at "actual size" or some similar setting on your printer.

A4 - Free To Do List - Pink Polka Dots

Letter - Free To Do List - Pink Polka Dots

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