Greenery Baby Shower

Greenery baby shower - lovely green leafy invitation designs.

It's all about green plant leaves and branches of all kinds from the jungle to the garden. The popular themes are represented as well. These include adorable elephants, woodland animals, eucalyptus, gold touches, diamond shapes, flowers, wreaths in green and dusty navy blue or green and blush pink and beautiful floral leafy fonts.

Most of these designs are available in other colors too. Some are gender neutral and others are available for baby girls and baby boys. Select the design you like and on the landing page you will find the words "Design Theme" and you'll see the different color options.

Alternatively you can visit the designer/store's product page to possibly see the same design in different colors. On this page - select the second link below the design that you like to go to the designers store.

Type a word like say "eucalyptus" or "forest" whichever is in the original description in the search box to find the designs you're looking for.

Greenery Baby Shower Invitations

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