Journal Binding

Journal binding  - how to bind your journal pages together with stitches and other techniques.

Journal Binding

Stitching Your Journal Pages By Hand

3 Hole Pamphlet Stitch

There must be many many videos showing how to do this stitch. I'm showing you this video because this is the video that I thought made the stitch so easy and achievable. The video is in the first place not about the binding but about a paper bag journal.

The practical stitching part of the tutorial starts 2 minutes into the video.

I have summarized the steps when doing the binding as explained in the tutorial below.

The Threading Steps

Make 3 binding holes through the signature back where you are going to do the binding.

Use needle and thread

  1. inside to outside in the center hole - hold onto thread end inside
  2. outside to inside at top hole
  3. inside to outside at the bottom hole
  4. outside to inside at center hole
  5. thread ends - one on one side of stitch and other thread end on other side of the stitch in the center of the page
  6. gentle tug
  7. remove clips holding pages together
  8. re-adjust if needed
  9. make knot in the center
  10. leave strings long for beads / embellishment or trim to a few inches or centimeters

As I have mentoined: the practical stitching part of the tutorial starts 2 minutes into the video. See how easy it is:

The video above: Mini Paper Bag Junk Journal Part 2 - Signature / Pamphlet stitch by Liz thepaperproject

Other Easy Journal Binding Techniques

In this section I'll show you other easy binding techniques that do not use stitching. With these techniques you use material like rings, ribbon and some string.

Easy Binding Techniques

Following are easy binding techniques for beginners making junk journals. These are great for beginners because they are simple to put together and to understand how it is done. Nothing stops you from using these techniques because you like the binding techniques later on.

You can of course use it for any other kind of journal that you want to put the pages together yourself.

The video above: Easy Binding Ideas by Liz thepaperproject

Eyelets in the Back / Spine

This is another simple technique for journal binding. You have to make eyelets in the back of the spine though.

Make two eyelets at the top and two in the bottom to put your thread through.

The video above: Binding The Art Journal by Johanna Clough

Mini Art Journal Binding

This binding of this mini art journal is what I find interesting. That is how to put more than one signature in a cloth spine cover.

The first part of the cover starts at about 4:30 and the sewing in of the signature at about 10:30.

I would also consider using the 3 hole pamphlet stitch for binding.

How To Make A Mini Art Journal by MixedMedia Jenn