Journal Making

Journal making  - get inspired - where to start and what can you do next.

Journal making is great for most journal types - like junk, art, bullet, doodle or any kind of creative journal.

It's a creative expression in itself. You may want to make these for yourself, gifts or profit.

Here are more tutorials and ideas :

Journal Making Fast - Videos

Fast Journal Making

First I want to show you a video of Wendy making a journal oh so quickly. She uses paper, fabric and she stitches the pages together with her sewing machine. She also shows you a neat trick if you don't have a paper bag to make the journal.

This journal is great to get going and also to make a batch as Christmas gifts or party favors.

A little note: there are limitations to how many pages your journal can have.

Video above: Journal making - paper bag (1) by Wendy from Wendy's Journal Adventure.

Making a Basic Journal

Next up is Johanna showing us how to make a basic journal. I love this one because you can recycle a small used box from your pantry or any other small paper box in the house.

You are also free to use any kind of paper. It can be plain or patterned or lined or any vintage junk ephemera pieces.

Video above: Johanna Clough  - Making a Journal For Beginners - Step by Step Process

Now for the Next Step

If you are inspired to make a journal you are ready for the next step. It's time to gather your materials and make a journal.

Here are more tutorials and ideas if you like to use a paper bag to make a paper bag journal.