Junk Journal Ephemera

Junk journal ephemera  - postage stamps, vintage images, postcards, paper bags and envelopes. It's a all about all those lovely bits and pieces you can use when making a journal.

Junk journal ephemera  - postage stamps, vintage images, postcards and envelopes.

My expanding list of examples of ephemera:

  • postage stamps
  • vintage images
  • postcards
  • paper bags
  • envelopes
  • labels
  • tickets
  • tags

For junk journalling you can make your own, use printable versions of ephemera or get some that was made for you.

Making your own is a great way to enjoy the journalling experience and be creative.

Faux Vintage Postage Stamps

Faux vintage postage stamps are those stamps that we want to use in our junk journal - it's not the real thing at all.

It's fun to make from a few bits and pieces and you can use it anywhere as an interesting addition to your pieces.

Here is a video to get you inspired to make faux stamps. Here are more faux postage stamps ideas.

Making faux stamps - using up those scraps - Roxy Creations

There are so many ideas to make faux stamps. Just use what you have in your stash. The best is that you can use your scraps too.

You can use papers of course, but you can also use stickers, decoupage paper, dried leaves and flower, washi tape, magazine clippings and the list just goes on.

You can do it perfectly but like I said before have fun and be creative.


You can use real vintage envelopes or like most of us you are going to make or adapt your own from vintage paper, pattern paper, book pages, fabric and so on. There are many more ideas of materials to use.

In this video you'll see a simple and easy method to make your own envelopes. When you have watched the video I hope you can't wait to start making your own envelopes.

Treasure Books - Flip Down Envelopes How To