Junk Journal Ideas

Junk journal ideas  - pockets, tuck spot, flips and envelopes for your pages. It is inspiring to see examples of journal elements. It is even better if you see how it's made. Here are some examples of junk journal ideas that you can use for any journal. Some of the videos also show you how to make the elements.

Junk journal ideas  - pockets, tuck spot, flips and envelopes for your pages.

Pockets, Tuck Spots, Tags And Envelopes

Here is a video filled with great ideas of elements to add to any journal. And I mean any journal from art to doodle. That is if you like extra add-ons. These examples are lovely vintage ephemera. You can however make all these elements with any style you like.  

There are small journals, like a passport that can be added with writing in a journal with a tuck spot.

There are two types of handmade envelopes. You can make these envelopes with any paper - patterned, colored, lined or blank.

Pockets: there are examples of floating pockets and stick-me-down pockets.

Then there are tags with pockets. Also tags with double pockets - one on each side of the tag.

Lastly there are journaling cards.

There are other ideas that I like from watching this video. That is that you can add tabs to many elements. Another idea is that you can stamp on fabric and add it to your pieces.

Video : The Handmade ephemera | tags, envelopes, tucks and pockets video by Rachel from Roxy Creations.

Flip Out Page Idea

Flip out pages for junk journals or any journal seems to be very simple. Yes, most of the time it's simple but it can be done in so many ways.

Here is a video of this junk journal idea that shows you how to assemble a great example.

Treasure keeping - How to make flip out pages for your journals

Junk Journal Ideas - Tabs

Tabs are a super simple idea for your journal. It adds interest and functionality.

It can be made with so many materials. Materials like fabric, paper and plastic that is new or recycled. I should call it upcycled not recycled, right?! Next time you see that little nothing that you are going to throw away, think again. I'm talking about that little nothing that is a little something that interests you, figure out a way to use it as a tab in your journal. If you can't use it as a tab as is, you may be able to add it to a tab - like say a button that you can glue to a piece of paper that you can make into a tab.

Tabs can be added to just about anywhere - not just pages. Some examples are journal cards, tags and envelopes.

It also adds texture. How much texture you add is up to you of course. You can use smooth paper with little texture to lace for a lot of texture.

Pink Paper Peppermints - DIY Journal Tabs - Junk Journal Ideas - Tabs

Pockets - Mini DIY paper bag

These mini DIY paper bags are so easy, useful and cute. You can make them out of any type of paper and decorate as you like and with what you have available. Great for using your small pieces of leftovers / treasures with.

DIY Ephemera - Natasha from Treasure Books