Paper Bag Journal

Paper bag journal - there are different ways to make a journal from a bag or in some cases two or many paper bags. Often it is only the cover that is made out of a paper bag.

Paper Bag Journals - easy - fast

Easy Paper Bag Journal

In this paper bag tutorial Wendy from Wendy's Journal Adventure is using a paper bag and fabric.

You are not limited to just a specific size of bag - you can use any size paper bag. Have a look at the video to see what else you need that has to match in size to make the journal.

The journal cover in the video has many tuck spots - some obvious and some secret. Love the secret spaces.

She shares lots of practical advice in this video as she works and puts this book together.

Note: she gives glue tips - what she uses to glue paper and fabric together. Also a gem of a tip on how to glue hidden/difficult small spots at 14:47 minutes into the video.

Video above: Paper bag tutorial by Wendy from Wendy's Journal Adventure.

Wendy uses her sewing machine in this tutorial for non-essential sewing. She also sews the 5 pieces of coffee died paper and decorative ephemera pages into the folder with her a sewing machine.

No Sewing Machine - No Problem

Don't worry if you don't have a sewing machine. The pamphlet stitch is much easier than you may think and gives a lovely result. You are also not limited to how many pages you sew together like with a sewing machine. More about the pamphlet stitch to come.

Easy Paper Bag Journal Cover

Next is the easy paper bag journal cover by Rachel from Roxy Creations.
Rachel starts out with a pretty paper bag. She then shows you how she covers the bag with fabric and trims.

The result is a flexible and expandable cover. As you add pages and pieces the cover will be able to handle the volume.

Video above: The easy paper bag journal cover video by Rachel from Roxy Creations.