Summer To Do List

A summer to do list - fun and fresh.

Use it to keep track of all those things you want to do before end of season, and do it in summer style.

There's little circles on each line to tick off all the things you have done.

You can also use the circles to keep track of partially completed tasks by adding a dot or a line in the circle.

Of course you can 'code' your tasks in many other creative ways too (smiley face).

How did I make it?

I used a very popular pattern from a digital paper pack in my StarFlowerStreetDA etsy shop.
The hot pink, turquoise, lime green, yellow and orange with the chevron pattern gives it a fresh and fun summer feeling.

Chevron Digital Paper Scrapbook-12x12

Chevron Digital Paper Scrapbook-8.5x11

I'm sharing this printable for free with you here!
Please keep in mind that it's for your personal use.

Bright Colors & Chevron!

Summer To Do List

Print these to hundred percent of the page. The printables are designed to use the full sheet of paper so that you don't have to cut borders off the printed sheet. Look out for the feint line that separates the lists so that you know where to cut or fold. This line is so light that it is not really "there" if you don't look for it.

Download the printable:

A4 Size

Letter Size

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