My To Do List Collection

Everybody needs a to do list. All lists are linked to this page and they are free.

Most people have one. Most of us have many. When I was much younger I listened to a motivational speaker about planning. It was an old tape recording. His voice sounded like he took a helium breath from a balloon - very silly and high pitched. What he said stuck with me though...

I don't have the exact words. But what he said was that the person who doesn't plan, plans to do nothing. That doesn't mean you have to write your plan down. The plans can be in your "head". Most of us do find it better to write our plans down.

Some of our planning ends up on a to-do-list or many.

I'm making many blank or template to do lists. They are printable and free for personal use. I will be linking them from this page.

I make them simple yet practical, pretty and printable . I'm also planning to make some with a twist. You'll have to check back to find these.

If you would like me to send you an e-mail when I put new free printable lists on this page... leave me your e-mails address here:


Free To Do List

Pink Polka Dots

Printable To Do List

Printable To Do List

Black Polka Dots

Summer To Do List

Summer To Do List

Bright Colors Chevron

To Do List Sizes

My designs are (so far) for letter-sized and A4 sheets of paper. Some pages have two lists on and other have three. You have the choice to fold the sheets or cut them and then staple/join if you like. There is a feint line that separates the lists so that you know where to cut or fold. This line is so light that it is not really "there" if you don't look for it.


I'm making lists for color printers and for black ink or toner printers.

Please keep in mind to print these to hundred percent of the page. The printables are designed to use the full sheet of paper so that you don't have to cut borders off the printed sheet. Don't worry if you don't manage to print it to 100% - you'll still be able to use the lists, just not as it was intended when I designed it.

Featured Planning Goodies

I've created some space on this page to show off some of the products that my fellow Etsians are making for sale.

Seasonal Bunting To-Do Notes


Project Planner


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